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Barnyard Boogie Coffee is The Roast Mistresses favourite and that fact alone should compel you to go out and buy 15 or 20 bags.

Historians tell us that the original coffee plants were found in Ethiopia. Maybe that is why this coffee tastes so good. It can make a truly fantabulous cup. Possibly all those thousands of years of development that haven’t taken place in newer coffee growing areas has just packed so much taste into the Ethiopian bean that the other, newer coffees, just aren’t mature enough to equal.

They import the best Ethiopian we can (the same we use in Bantam’s Brew), the lots with the best cupping scores, and give it our double roast and in some cases our triple roast treatment and voila!, you’re drinking an outstanding cup of coffee.

We find all kinds of tastes in this coffee. You can go from floral to fruity and citrusy and then on to berry and caramel and chocolate and honeysuckle. It is just a dream cup

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