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Bantam’s brew coffee is our interpretation of the world’s oldest coffee blend: Mocha-Java. Evidently you folks like it as we have a tough time keeping it in stock!

Mocha and Java are two locations, not two different coffees. So Mocha, or Al Mukha, is a port on the Red Sea in Yemen where a long time ago most Yemeni and Ethiopian coffee was shipped from. That isn’t the case anymore but the name Mocha has continued with the blend. For the Mocha component of Bantam’s Brew we use Ethiopian coffee beans from the Yirga Cheffe and Sidamo areas, roasting and blending them to bring out all the subtle flavours we can.

Java is an island in Indonesia where a lot of coffee used to be grown. Then way back, about 150 years ago the coffee plants on Java were ruined by a ‘coffee rust’ disease and Java switched to growing tea but like Mocha, the name stuck even though most Indonesian coffee now comes from the island of Sumatra. Maybe it was a good thing that Sumatra took over from Java because the coffees from Sumatra are fantastic. We favour the beautiful, full bodied, earthy coffee that is grown in the Lintong area near Lake Toba. My favourite thing to do is to go out to the roastery in the morning and open up a freshly roasted bin of this coffee. A strong, sweet honey and jasmine aroma wafts up to reward my nose. It is heaven!

So we double or triple roast the beans we’ve chosen for this blend and then mix them together in just the right proportions and we all have joy in our cup.

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