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Farmers Friend Coffee – We call this our ‘all day blend’ because it is one of those all day drinking coffees. Not too bold, not to much acidity, just a smooth, mild cup. But unlike a lot of smooth and mild cups, this coffee has character!

We start with a good foundation of high mountain grown Colombian coffee and then add in some of the aforementioned–to die for!–Ethiopian coffee and then top that off with a special Kenyan coffee that is absolutely outstanding.

As an aside I’ll tell you that the Kenyan coffee beans are really expensive. Our cost for green beans per kilo is in the double digits! If we were selling the Kenyan by itself as a single origin it would break the bank. So we put just the right amount of this smashing coffee in with the Colombian and Ethiopian and it is a marriage made in heaven.

Each bean plays off the other’s strengths to combine into a harmonious whole, a chorus of togetherness.

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